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black market

viator 167

Viator 167
the impulsive

A freestyle branded ski versatile and park, the youngest of the brand has a well founded character. At ease in the park as well as downhill or off-piste, its manageability and liveliness turns it into a playful model adapted to all demands. With its distinctive brand curvature, a waist of 86 mm and 85 mm and always that progressive and tenacious tip, it's the perfect balance for dynamic and reactive skiers. Available in two lengths : 177 and 167, it relates to all types of adepts. Conceived for freestyle, its mastering will give you wings.

- Sandwich engineered woodcore wrapped with multi layers of bi and tri-axis fiberglass.
- Tip constructed with shock absorbing material and a reinforced tail for extra pop.
- The waist is reinforced and has a 3,5mm depth for drilling.
- A slightly inclined ABS side wall with generous edges for longer life.
- The base is hand finished and hot waxed, ready for frenetic use.

Length : 167.7 cm
Tip : 11.9cm
Waist : 8.5cm
Tail: 10.7cm
radius : 17
Twin Tip
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