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black market


the power

For the days the powder hounds speak of in half-whispered awe, for those days when gliding rythms with pleasure, Black Crows has the weapon for flight. For those who seek a ski dedicated to radical conditions, the Sevun's calibre makes it an ideal companion for deep snow. Nonetheless remaining loyal to the brands spirit, the Sevun remains an agile and reactive ski. He's the perfect balance between power and manoeuvrability. Its versatility heeds us to conquer all types of terrain, from vertical faces to forest weaving. To cut it short, the Sevun beholds our ride ideals: instinct and creativity.

- Sandwich engineered woodcore wrapped with multi layers of bi and tri-axis fiberglass.
- Tip constructed with shock absorbing material and a reinforced tail for extra pop.
- The waist is reinforced and has a 3,5mm depth for drilling.
- A slightly inclined ABS side wall with generous edges for longer life.
- The base is hand finished and hot waxed, ready for frenetic use.

Length : 191.0 cm
Tip : 14.6cm
Waist : 11.7cm
Tail: 13.6cm
radius : 25
Light Twin Tip
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there are albino crows, but you can't see them in the snow.