black weekend, the 7th one, merciless

by Jag

We stayed close to the girls, under the laser beams, with sound and dancing bodies coming together to form a surreal, small interlude in eternity, enveloped in a primitive trance. Yeah, yeah don’t play dumb, we all know what happens when the lights go down. In any case there were those who got their fill of electro-folk and live music. They could be found in the evenings watching Hypnolove and Greg Boust, at the Sashienne and Jabberwocky concerts, and then afterwards at the Jennifer Cardini and Steffi sets, swathed in technicolor rays, before heading off into the darkness of night… Reappearing at noon the following day at Lognan, in the Grands Montets ski area, to test the atris 178, the latest twin tip double rocker, or the new tangy-colored birdie range – made for Venusian women, stylish and fresh, as if the night before had no effect on them. To get back into the swing of things some people headed for the mojito bar, before getting their dancing shoes back on under the clear blue skies, to the tunes of Rocky and We Are Knights. They let themselves get gently re-tamed by the rhythm, muscle memory triggered by Michael Mayer’s and Luluxpo’s bass… despite the weight of their ski boots.

Three days of music and skiing were vanquished, with no complaining despite the sleep deprivation. Of course the mix of sunshine, skiing and the spatial sounds put our heads somewhat in the clouds. You could be forgiven for thinking that Earth’s plates must have shifted and the planets had aligned to give us both snow and perfect weather. But you just needed to be on the top of the Aiguille du Midi; with everyone on the north terrace of this manmade incongruity, dancing at 3840m to the beats of Tale of US and Agoria 36, bearing witness to a bird-man, wings pinned-back, diving through a granite gulley; to understand that some things can’t be explained and that it’s better to just carry on dancing, and let your frisky limbs act as a eulogy to a wild weekend.

Hasta luego buddies, see you next year. Here are a few images and short films to keep you in shape.

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Thanks to all the volunteers, to the Tecrew for the Hot Dog Day, to Bertrand, Edouard and José, and especially to all of you who skied and danced! And a special thanks has to go to the sun (which shone).

Photos : © Studio Aldo Paredes
camille jaccoux & kenji teshima