a rendez-vous in la Plagne focusing on off-piste safety and the pleasure of skiing


The idea was to bring together a group of passionate off piste skiers for a weekend, a mix of pro skiers and a team of Vieux Campeur mountain equipment salesmen, to share their technical know-how and tips and put together educational workshops on mountain safety.

You couldn’t ask for more than a uber-motivated team of Vieux Campeur salesmen and the two black crows old hands, Julien Regnier and Bruno Compagnet. This jolly crew was hosted by La Plagne, Julien’s home-resort and there were favorable weather conditions at the start of this difficult season and the weekend was intense and interesting.

“The different workshops, ARVA searches and snowpack training were really educational and we also got to enjoy a few good runs in the Plagnard forest. It’s always good fun to put in a few turns with Bruno and other enthusiastic people and to get the chance at the same time to share opinions on skiing and the mountains. Here’s a short video and a few photos from our 2 days together” says Julien Regnier.

BC Week by Au Vieux Campeur
8-Photo-Back-Country-Week-by-Au-Vieux-Campeur-(credit-_-Thomas-Allemoz) 32-Photo-Back-Country-Week-by-Au-Vieux-Campeur-(credit-_-Thomas-Allemoz) 17-Photo-Back-Country-Week-by-Au-Vieux-Campeur-(credit-_-Thomas-Allemoz) 10-Photo-Back-Country-Week-by-Au-Vieux-Campeur-(credit-_-Thomas-Allemoz) 9-Photo-Back-Country-Week-by-Au-Vieux-Campeur-(credit-_-Thomas-Allemoz)

Photos : Thomas Allemoz