red bull line catcher. J-2




l’opinion du chris booth sur l’avenir du monde dans sa langue maternelle



« I don’t know if its the factories in China, the Moroccan wind, or just post-industrial revolution fallout, but something is happening in the alps this winter. It gets cold, snows, then turns warm. then repeats.

A true skier can make the best out of any conditions though, or so i am told. So if this mild, temperature, almost humid weather perpetuates itself, it will be a true skier who wins the Red Bull Linecatcher early next week.

Or maybe a true euro skier.

As true euro skiers in training Anthony Boronowski et moi took to the slopes today.


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ski test ski test test ski test ski

15-16 janvier, Pic du Midi-La Mongie Pyrénées. Ultimate Test Tour



le tour de test spécial freeride, Ultimate Test Tour, débute ce weekend au Grand Tourmalet - Pic du Midi. Nous serons là jeunes enfants :

- Grand Tourmalet Pic du Midi-La Mongie Pyrénées, du 15 au 16 janvier
- Ste Foy en Tarentaise, du 21 au 23 janvier
- Verbier, du 28 au 30 janvier
- La Grave, les 12 et 13 février

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n’essaye pas ça dans ta maison # 32

pilote : yorgo tloupas. le skieur chutant : julien regnier



Par yorgo en langue anglaise. Bon allez c’est facile à comprendre ça parle automobile et testostérone :

Last week I hinted at an upcoming stunt using the Nissan 370z we have fitted with Pirelli Sottozero snow tires. Here is the fruit of an afternoon of work with Julien Regnier and Elina Sirparanta.

It was harder than I thought it would be. We found a car park, not really long enough but manageable, then built a small kicker, and prepared a vague reception. Pulling Julien was easy, drifting between the kicker and the landing was easy, jumping high enough was (very) easy for Julien. It became harder when we had to do all of this together, and I had trouble drifting properly, as seen in the video. In the end we had a good chance to test the strength of black crows skis and of Nissan bodywork…

See more images in the next issue of Intersection Magazine

Yorgo Tloupas




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bonne année à la suédoise







martin soderberg est de retour dans le bourbier



« hi

hope your good

i just wanted to show you some photo’s from the past days here, my brother bought a « real » camera and we tested it a few days ago.

most of them needs some photoshop attention but i will do that later. « 

Martin Soderbergh

pics : Martin Soderbergh & brother


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Born Designers

active lifestyle week. Courchevel 13-16 Janvier 2011



il y aura du monde au balcon. la machine à Corvus et la collection ski black crows 2011 seront là.

>> Xavier Veilhan and his RAL 5015 Blue Boat

>> Sacha Lakic and ANTARCTICA Venturi

>> ORA ITO and EVO

>> Jérome Coste from Ruby

>> Ben Wilson

>> Yorgo Tloupas, Founder of Intersection and AD of Black Crows

>> Camille Jaccoux from Black Crows

>> Mai Ikuzawa from Bow Wow

>> Mark Eley From Eley Kishimoto

>> Thierry Lasry From TH Sunglasses

>> Nils Guadagnin


Oh mon dieu il y aura même une fête black crows à La Grange avec Mr ABS D, samedi 15 janvier.

Allons skier intellectuellement alors.


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London ‘shocked’ by snow











it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a departing flight



On my continuing unplanned vacation in London I have learnt that the English love talking about two things: closed airports and Warnie. They love talking about these things so much that one could be lead to believe that there is nothing else going on anywhere. But while Warnie’s high profile escapades are fleeting at best, the airports have remained closed for several days. A wintery tempest of (almost) Shakesperian proportion has descended upon London, causing the city to grind to a screeching halt. Roads closed, airports closed, trains cancelled, even the underground (which is… underground) is delayed. The BBC and Sky News have aired images of hundreds of people sleeping under safety blankets at Gatwick and Heathrow airports over 2, 3 or even 4 nights. Qeues measuring in excess of a city block have been reported at London’s St Pancras train station while hopeful passengers wait in the -9 degree cold. This deprivation and misery has been a feast for the media meanwhile, with the phrases ‘third world’ and ‘refugee camp’ being thrown about like snowballs in Hyde Park.

What’s more, it hasn’t snowed in days. The casual bystander could be excused for wondering, then, what in the Queen’s good name is going on? Even London’s mayor Boris Johnson, who I suspect could be my father, was quoted as saying, « It can’t be beyond the wit of man surely to . . . get the planes moving and to have more than one runway going. »

Indeed, the extraordinary disruption to infrastructure caused by a mere 12cm of snow challenges logic for a city set to host the next olympics.

The problem is that Londoners are, at best, completely allergic to snow. In my 5 days here I have not seen a single road clearer, bulldozer, or a shovel for that matter. And as officials continue to squabble over whose responsibility it is to get things moving again, families wait in departure halls, train stations and airport hotels, hoping to make it to their destinations in time for Christmas.

There is consolation for some though, as children build snowmen and toboggan in the city’s many spectacular parks, now transformed into winter wonderlands.

By Chris Booth


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le bar à l’italienne





Du black crows chez Paolo à Gressoney, Italie !



A Gressoney, un angolo di paradiso per il free ride, il Castore Bar di Paolo sarà la vetrina di Black Crows per tutta la stagione invernale….

Dopo un aperitivo di apertura e di presentazione del marchio in Dicembre, stiamo preparando con Paolo un piccolo evento nella stazione di Gressoney e al Castore …..sci e aprés ski ovviamente!! Non abbiamo ancora definito le date ma a breve vi faremo conoscere il programma dettagliato….a presto

Dans ce beau petit coin pour le ride à Gressoney, le Castore bar montre du black crows pendant toute cette saison d’hiver…

Après une fête d’ouverture en décembre, nous préparons d’ailleurs avec Paolo un petit événement dans la station et au Castore… Ski & après ski bien sûr. C’est pour début Mars, on fera suivre le programme en détails, bientôt…






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